Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Something Stupid

I've decided to delete my prior posts- my vents over my husband's recent behavior. It occured to me last night that I really am truly lucky, truly blessed, to have him in my life. I still don't condone what he's put me through, but I couldn't imagine losing him either. I feel that my vents unleashed some rage that had been building up inside me, and I may have said unreasonable and scathing things about those involved.

Nobody in this world is perfect. We all make mistakes.

Goodness knows, I've made my fair share.

But marrying my husband wasn't one of them. While half watching TV/ half having a conversation with a friend last night, it dawned on me that I'm not ready for my marriage to be over. I'm willing to work through this, if my husband is.

Speaking of which- I still haven't heard from him. Tomorrow it will be 1 week since he left. I'm so scared for him, it's hard to put into words.

Anyhow ladies, I've still got some housework to do, the bathtub drain has been clogged the last few days (the shower water is draining out extremely slowly!) so I need to go shove some Draino in it and hope for the best!

Hope your week is treating you beautifully. Thank you again everyone for your kind words of support during this difficult time for me.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie~

I want to commend you for doing right by your dh, even if he hasn't done right by you in the past. That is true maturity, and if you think about it, Christ-likeness. Your desire to keep trying with your dh is something people don't often see, and while I believe you have all that you need to get out of your marriage (Biblically speaking), it is commendable that you are rising above the problems to be pleasing to the Lord through forgiveness. Praise the Lord for examples such as yours! Hang in there, and if you need a shoulder or an ear, you have mine. :)